Alte Villa

The Alte Villa is one of our favourite restaurants in the whole of the Rhine River Valley.

The setting is simply unmatched – snuggled peacefully in the Wisper Valley the beautiful old hunting house tells of the charm and grace of an era long gone.

Here one comes not just to enjoy a good meal but to relax, shed the stress of daily life, and imbibe the atmosphere. As the small Wisper river gurgles by and the birds call from the surrounding trees one wishes one could press a button and stop the passage of time!

The house is set in spacious grounds with a large well kept lawn covering a few acres. The hills on either side are thickly forested but footpaths enable those who wish, to go for a stroll.

The Alta Villa is mainly famed for its coffee and cakes. The latter are backed by the owner and all are delicious.

One can also enjoy a light meal with the focus on local fare – venison from the surrounding forest or trout from the Wisper river. The latter either in fresh or smoked form is a treat not to be missed. Wisper trout are prized throughout Hessen and many a guest makes the journey from Frankfurt and even further afield to partake of this delicacy.

The owner is also a keen supporter of local artists and it is seldom that the restaurant does not gladden the eye with a varied array of paintings and /or sculptures- and if you are truly enamoured of what you see - they are all for sale!

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