Detlef Kleinen The Artist and his Work

Detlef Kleinen has a long and intimate association with the Rhine.

Although he grew up near Frankfurt he often made trips to the Rhine with his family and at a very early age developed a love for the river and the surrounding countryside.

At first this consisted mainly of collecting interesting stones fossils and driftwood but later as his interest in art grew , these two interests combined and he developed an art form that reflected, as it were, in miniature the Rhine and the countryside that had become so much a part of his life.

For many years his art had to co-exist with a normal nine to five job but around 10 years ago he opted out of the rat race and has since then devoted himself to the two loves of his life - family and art.

He sees his creations as a symbiosis of art and nature.

Nature first forms and shapes the stones over thousands , perhaps millions of years in and by the river. - He then takes these products of nature and arranges and assembles them into works of art.

The stone creations also show the connection of the surrounding countryside with the river - part of the inspiration for his art being the dry stone walls that one sees on the hills of the Rhine River Valley.

A mark of a true artist is a continual change or rather development of creative input and this is reflected in the work of Detlef Kleinen by the incorporation of driftwood into some of his more recent creations.

To see more of his work take a look at his home page...Detlef Kleinen

His atelier is located on the main street in St.Goarshausen and is about 7 minutes walk from the delightful Turm wine bar so you could easily combine a visit to both - culture and relaxation!!

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