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Situated on the Western Bank of the Rhine lies the little town of Bacharach (population ca.1.900) - a sort of mini Rüdesheim.

We think this small town is by far the most romantic and charming in the valley and if friends come to visit and there is only time to visit one town - it is always Bacharach.

The old part of the town is small but extremely quaint and it boasts the second oldest wine tavern (Weinlokal) in all Germany. The foundation was laid in 1368. It seems incredible that this tavern was standing over one hundred years before Columbus set sail for America and almost three hundred years before van Riebeck landed in the Cape.

If you wish to savour a bit of history pay a visit and enjoy a glass of wine in a small room unchanged for hundreds of years.

Bacharach, no doubt due to its middle age look, was one of the focal points of the "Romantic Rhine" movement in the 19th century and was visited by some of its champions e.g. Victor Hugo (Les Miserables) and Clemens Bretano. Bretano is responsible for the modern legend of the Loreley and wrote a poem about Bacharach.The following link goes to the poem, which is, I'm afraid in German.  Sorry this link is no longer available.

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