Bluecher Museum

Blüchers Crossing  by  Wilhelm Camphausen.

In the Bluecher Museum in Kaub you take a trip in time back to the year 1813 when Kaub was the stage for the dramatic (certainly by the standards of those times) crossing of the German general Bluecher (Blücher) on his way to do battle with Napoleon!

The Bluecher museum in Kaub was in fact Bluecher's headquarters before this epic crossing.

The museum takes us back to the fateful year 1813 when opposition to the yoke imposed by Napoleon can be said to have given birth to a feeling of nationhood among the Germans.

Not only should Prussia be freed from foreign suppression - but all of Germany. This ideal , fired by people like Fichte and Herder finally led to the revolution of 1848.

The focus of the museum is on this famous Rhine crossing - which by the way was effected on a pontoon bridge resting on boats moored in the Rhine (constructed by the Russian militia).

Not only the contributions of eye witnesses but also the results of historical research await the visitor.

Crossing statistics:

50.000 soldiers
15.000 horses
and 182 artillery pieces went over the pontoon bridge.

The realities of the time are honestly represented - not only the concerns of the military leaders but also the sufferings of the ordinary soldier and the citizens of Kaub of whom so much was then demanded.

Although the main theme of the museum is the crossing, it also
boasts several artifacts of the period among others a grand piano
from 1790.

A fine collection of weapons - both firearms (going back to old Prussian hunting rifles of 1790) and swords as well as military insignia and the uniforms of the conflicting parties are to be seen.

Note - to be found more readily by the search engines I have used alternative spelling Bluecher rather than the normal German spelling Blücher.

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