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Braubach is a small town (population - 3,000) lying on the East bank of the Rhine. Like many towns along the Rhine it forms a sort of T - stretching itsself along the river with a part flowing up a valley into the interior - as can be seen from the wonderful aerial photograph above. Braubach is shown(red A) on the map on the left.Itis about 10 kilometers from Koblenz - upper left corner of the map.

Braubach is dominated by Marksburg Castle which stands on a hill overlooking the town. This can also be seen in the photo above.

Braubach is believed to have been settled by the Celts as early as ca. 200 BC but the first documentary evidence dates from 692 AD.

Some points of interest in Braubach are:

  • First and foremost of course is Marksburg castle - the only castle in the valley that never suffered great damage sine it was built
  • St. Barbara church built in 1276 next to the old city wall
  • Obertor (Upper Gate).Part of the ancient town fortifications
  • War memmorial commemorating those who fell in the Franco-Prussisn war(1870-1871) and thefirst worla war (1914-1918)

A favourite of ours in Braubach is a quaint restaurant in a small house dating from 1597. The inside is a liitle dark but this if anything enhances the antique feeling of the place.The food is simple but well cooked and presented local fare. Should you be in Braubach I strongly recommend a visit to this restaurant.

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