Eating Out

The Rhine river valley has something to offer every palate and every pocket.From traditional local dishes to more general German dishes to international cuisine.

At the cheaper end of the scale you can get a "bite to eat" at an Imbiß (a small stall offering inexpensive fast food) or perhaps       a hamburger at one of the international burger chains (MacDonalds,Burger King).

Midrange there are many small restaurants offering excellent value for money. It is in this bracket that one is most likely to find something with a truly local flavour. Many a gem is to be found that abounds in German Gemütlichkeit - a sort of relaxed cosiness.

Finally there are the 5 star hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy meals of the highest quality - at of course an appropriate price.

During the summer months many wine estates open their own restaurants (known as a Straußwirtschaft) where one can enjoy an inexpensive light meal while sampling the estate wine. These are often outside and constitute the estates' answer to a beer garten.

I list below links to some of the restaurants we know and can recommend. The list is of course in no way exhaustive of the supply of good eating out possibilities in the Rhine river valley.

Alte Villa

The Turm


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