Hannott's Restaurant

One of our favourite restaurants is Hannott's - situated in the small village of Weisel - about 12 kilometers from the Rhine. An enormous advantage for us is that Hannots is near to where we live - only about 5-6 minutes(by car) away.

This however is not the only attraction - the main attraction is (as it should be in the case of a restaurant) the quality of the food and the overall ambience.

The menu is not extensive - about 15 to 20 items but is more imaginative than many of the local restaurants and while we love our Rhine wines, we also enjoy the wider selection that the owner - something of a wine connoisseur - provides.

Here you have the choice of wine from the Rhine as well as from France, Spain and Italy. Again although the wine list is not extensive you can select from around 10-12 whites and 8-9 reds. We have worked our way (over a number of months) through the wine list and yet to be disappointed. For me the clear champion is the French red from Bordeaux.

Although the quality of the food is paramount to a good restaurant , almost as important in my eyes is the service and atmosphere and here Hannott's reigns supreme.

The service is consistently friendly - you are waited on by the owner or if things are really busy by the owner and his wife. In spite of the higher Niveau , the atmosphere is informal and relaxed.

The decor inside is simple but elegant. The owner supports artists and there are always interesting pictures on the walls - all of which are for sale!

If the weather allows however, sit outside in the small rustic garden. The chance of being able to do this is normally restricted to the period from May to September -earlier and later in the year it is likely to be somewhat cool.

The small summer house, made by a local artist, which allows you to enjoy a meal outside even if its raining is also the perfect place for a romantic meal on a moonlight night!

To sum up, we have been visiting Hannott's since it opened in 2008 and have yet to be disappointed. I can see our visits extending far into the future.

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