Katz Castle

Overlooking the small town of St. Goarshausen stands the majestic Katz Castle (Burg Katz).

Katz castle was built around 1360 by the Count of Katzenelnbogen partially to act as a counterweight to Burg Maus then also under construction but mainly to

reinforce Burg Rheinfels on the opposite side of the Rhine and so more effectively control the customs dues.

As with Burg Rheinfels, Burg Katz became the subject of an inheritance struggle and was under siege and partially destroyed around 1626.

The castle then survived unscathed until 1806 when Napolean had the outer walls destroyed.

After the Second World War the castle was state owned for a while, finally being sold into private hands where it has remained.

The castle now houses the hotel "Hotel Katz " but is unfortunately not open to the general public.

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