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Kaub lies on the Eastern of the Rhine - see the red A on the map opposite. It has a population of around 850 is famous as the town from which Blücher set out to cross the Rhine and march on to do battle with Napoleon at Waterloo. See Blücher Museum for more details.

Another famous landmark is the Pfalzengrafenstein - an old toll station erected on an island in the middle of the Rhine.

Kaub has an aura of faded glory and of late the population has been decreasing - younger people are increasingly more interested in the excitement of big cities and as the older people pass on the villages are suffering a decline. This is true of many small towns and villages but seems particularly pronounced in Kaub.

Since we have been living in the Rhine Valley we have seen the once lively main street lose more and more shops.

Still all is not doom anf gloom and it remains a charming village well worth a visit.

Some points of interest are:

  • an old medieval fountain where no doubt in days of yore the village women did their washing
  • The Blücher Museum
  • a weapons shop selling a variety of weapons and military memorabilia - something seldom seen in Germany
  • a wonderful old wine house full of charm and pretty much unaltered of the centuries
  • two exit roads leading into the interior thst must be amongst the steepest in Germany
  • and of course an imposing statue of the towns hero General Blücher

Our favourite landmark in this charming little town is undoubtedly the old wine house (Uff de Bach) mentioned above - full many an evening have we spent in its cosy atmosphere, enjoying a glass of wine with friends. A light meal can normally be had - I say normally as the friendly but eccentric owner sometimes simply does not feel like cooking!

A new festival was established in 2009  - the Blücher festival (Blücher Tage).This takes place every two years so it has taken place in 2009 and 2011 and will again take place this year.

The exact date varies from year to year as it is centered around Pentecost (Pfingsten) - in 2013 around mid May. This year is particularly significant as it is the 200th anniversary of the crossing of the Rhine by Blücher.

Many will be attired in costumes appropriate to the date of the crossing and in "our" wine house bread will be baked in an old wood-fired oven by the owner wearing the garb of a nineteenth baker.

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Exit road with 22% gradient!!