Lorch Suleika Walk.

Are you looking for a short easy yet scenically delightful walk?

Well,I have a gem to offer you - christened by us 'The Lorch Suleika Walk' it takes you through the vineyards overlooking the Rhine and leads you to a pleasant restaurant, which also has a view over the Rhine.

The walk from Loch to Suleika is about 6-8 kilometers long,mainly along level ground.

I have lost count of the number of times we have done this walk - but it has never lost any of its appeal.

The walk starts in the town square of Lorch and you are soon among the vineyards following the small road (used only by workers in the vineyards) that leads due South along the eastern Rhine hill to the camping site of Suleika.

If however, you are really not feeling very energetic you can cheat and drive with the car to the Bächergrund and walk from there. This cuts the distance down to around 4 kilometers but still includes the most scenic part of the walk.

The map below shows the full route starting at point A. Point B shows you where the Bächergrund is, in case you would prefer to walk the shorter version.

Along the entire route you overlook the Rhine and can watch the barges plying up and down river - we have counted up to 12 barges!

A point to bear in mind is that there is very little shade on the way and if your hair is somewhat thin on top (as mine is) a hat is advisable on a hot summers day.

Normally by the time you have arrived at Suleika you have built up an appetite and a thirst.You have now earned your meal which you can wash down with a beer or with a local wine. If you have taken the short-cut from the Bächergrund it is debateable whether you have really deserved a second beer!

A speciality of Suleika is a kosher menu which you can enjoy with a heavy red wine from Israel.Both the meal and the wine are excellent although the wine is a little pricey.

(Of course , if you are on a camping holiday in the Rhine River Valley a stop at Suleika is a must).

Having refreshed and fortified yourself at Suleika you can now commence the return trip to Lorch.

The round trip is about 4-5 hours

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