Maps for your Holiday

Having good maps for your vacation/holiday can change what might have been a day of frustration and irritation into what it was intended to be - another delightful and memorable day of your vacation in the Rhine Valley.

Getting from the airport to your hotel or bed & breakfast, travelling from town to town or simply for general sightseeing, it's essential to know exactly where you are and how to easily get to where you want to go.

I've started off with a map centered on Lorch ( pretty much in the middle of the Rhine Valley) and covering around two kilometer.The map, as with all of these wonderful Google maps, can be scrolled up,down,left and right and can also be zoomed into and out of. Three "out zooms" and the whole of the Rhine Valley can be seen.

I'll be adding to this section in the near future with further, more detailed maps.

Of course, in the days of navigation systems, the need for a map is not as essential as it once was but not every one has a navigation system in their car and - it is part of the holiday to pull the car off onto the side of the road and pore over the map together and plan the route wanted!  

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