Rheingau Music Festival.

The Rheingau Music Festival (Rhine River Valley music festival) is an annual event taking place between Wiesbaden and Lorch.

It was started in 1988 as a private initiative of Michel Hermann to breath some life into the musical scene of the Rhine River Valley. It is unlikely that Mr. Hermann realised at that time what a huge success the festival would turn out to be.

From relatively humble beginnings - 19 concerts in the first year - the festival has grown steadily , at times even explosively and last year played host to over 140 concerts.

Initially concerts only took place at Kloster Eberbach - still one or the main venues - but now concerts are offered in over 40 different venues including well known landmarks such as Johannisberg palace and Vollrads palace.

While the emphasis , particularly in the beginning, was on classical music the palette now extends to jazz, cabaret as well as literary wine tastings.

Each year a different theme is highlighted which might for example commemorate an important anniversary (birth or death) of a well-known composer.

Each year world famous artists and orchestras are there to entertain you.

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