Every year from May to September, the Rhine River Valley plays host to a series of spectacular firework displays at different spots along the Rhine.(Rhine-in-Flames or Rhein in Flammen as they say here).Fireworks are shot off from castles overlooking the Rhine as soon as the last vestiges of twilight have died away.

People start gathering in the towns along the river in the early evening and after a few glasses of wine and a Bratwurst (grilled sausage) or two, a truly festive mood prevails as everyone awaits the commencement of the firework display.

An alternative is to make up a picnic basket, take some blankets to spread on the ground and with a few friends settle yourselves in the vineyards on one of the Rhine hills and enjoy a "birds - eye" view of the spectacle.

This is normally our chosen alternative.

The Rhine is soon alive with many ships both large and small - all festooned with lights and you can sport yourself to one of the many evening programmes offered by the various ship companies.

These programmes normally consist of a trip up the Rhine to the spot where the firework display id to take place - the ship is then moored in the Rhine. Standing on deck , a glass of champagne or wine in hand, you can enjoy the fiery display to best advantage.

The trip including a three course meal costs around € 70,00 - so a little pricey but then it would be a highlight of the holiday and give you an unforgettable memory  - and unforgettable memories do sometimes have their price.

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