Sooneck Castle

The early history of Sooneck Castle is clouded in mystery but it is believed that it was built in the 11th century.

From 1241 the governors of the castle were the Lords von Hohenfels.These Lords neglected their duties and raised tolls in an arbitrary and excessive manner-in short they became robber knights but unlike Robin Hood none of the acquired wealth found its way into the pockets of the poor.

As the situation continued to deteriorate,King Rudolph of Habsburg decided that matters had to be rectified and laid siege to the castle and destroyed it in 1282. He forbade its rebuilding.

In the 14th century Karl IV allowed the castle to be rebuilt but it was again destroyed in 1689 by French troops.

In 1834 the castle was sold to Crown Prince Friedrich William IV of Prussia who had it rebuilt as a hunting lodge maintaining most of the original structural features.

To-day the castle is open to the public and the rather opulent furnishings and paintings together with its majestic setting make it a popular destination for tourists.

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