The Rhine - source to estuary.

Although this site is about one small segment of the Rhine - The Rhine Valley - a short description of the Rhine is probably in order.

The source, or rather sources, of the Rhine are in Switzerland. Here several small brooks flow together and so give birth to the mighty Rhine. Generally or conventionally perhaps the ultimate source is taken to be lake Toma - seen in the picture on the right - in Switzerland.

Growing in strength as it is fed by ever more brooks and rivulets, it finally enters lake Constance. It emerges from lake Constance, now a fair sized river and flows West.

It then plunges over the Rhine falls (seen at the top of the page), the only waterfall in its long course, proceeding further Westward until the city of Basel where it turns North and enters Germany - or rather for about 170 Kilometers forms the border between France and Germany before entering Germany proper.

Continuing its trip Northwards it is fed by several other rivers - most notably the Neckar, the Maine and the Mosel.

It turns West near Wiesbaden shortly after the confluence with the Main and this westerly section is known as the Rheingau, famed for its wines thanks to the now south facing vineyards. At Bingen the Rheingau ends as the Rhine turns through 90 degrees and continues its trip now again flowing due North. Opposite Bingen lies the "tourist town" Rüdesheim and on a hill behind Rüdesheim stands the imposing statue of Germania.

This stern maiden stands ,sword in hand,looking towards France.

Now we enter the Rhine River Valley where the Rhine flows past many famous landmarks,amongst them the legendary Loreley.

Seen above is the 90° bend (Loreley bend) in the river where in former times due to the narrowness and strong flow of the river at this point many a barge was lost.

This, the Rhine Valley, is undoubtedly the most famous stretch of the Rhine- the romantic Rhine- beloved of poets and painters alike.The river leaves the valley at Koblenz about 50 Kilometers further North.

After Koblenz the Rhine again widens and leaves the hills of the Rhine valley behind. Northwards it flows past Bonn (Beethoven's birthplace) to Cologne finally leaving Germany and entering Holland.

Here the mighty Rhine ends its long journey in a somewhat humble manner . The river splits into several branches, the largest of which is renamed the Waal . A much smaller branch retains the name Rhine and finally enters the North Sea now bearing the Dutch name "Oude Rijn" - old Rhine.

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A plaque set at the source of the Rhine,giving the distance to the estuary as 1.320 kilometers.

Here is the as yet still humble Rhine at the start of its long journey to the sea leaving lake Toma.

The Rhine flowing through the "Swiss Grand Canyon"

Germania  with sword looking westwards.

Thr Rhine in Holland.