The Turm

If you can only visit one wine bar in the Rhine River Valley (and that would be a great pity) make it this one.

In the small town of St.Goarshausen on the eastern Rhine bank there stands a square tower - The Turm - of around six stories that towers (sorry couldn't resist the pun!) above the surrounding buildings and if you go round to the back,you'll find steps going down into the basement.

Here you enter what must be one of the quaintest ,cosiest wine bars in all Germany.

You can sit amongst old - and I mean really old, dating back to 1800's - clay pots, used for keeping oil, fat and other foods, farm implements mostly related to wine farming, pewter jugs and plates.

The Turm exudes an unhurried old world charm that is seldom to be found nowadays.

The wine bar is small seating about 20-25 people.

On offer is a wide selection of local wines as well as a very good trester
(a schnapps distilled from the remains of the pressed grapes)and a small selection of light meals.

The owner has been in the wine industry all his life and knows all there is to know of the wines of the Rheingau (Rhine River Valley), about changing methods of wine production etc.- so if you not only enjoy drinking good wine but are also interested in the whole mystic surrounding wine then this is the place for you.

A story below (in the old dungeon) the wine bar, there is a small but interesting wine museum showing some of the tools used in the trade as well as a magnificent collection of wine glasses.

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