Uff de Bach

In the small town of Kaub you can find a wonderful,rustic wine bar in a pituresque building dating from around 1500.

"Uff de Bach" by the way means "on the brook" in the dialect of the region.The inn is aptly named as in the basement it has its own well where water was once drawn.

As you walk in you see massive oak beams, now black with age, that have been supporting the ceiling since around the time America was discovered by Columbus!

In the entrance hall is an ancient (but still functional ) wood burning oven where, on special occasions, the owner bakes bread using recipes of yore.

The inn sports two rooms for guests - one with a fairly low ceiling  as was common at the time the building was constucted.The walls of the other guest room are of the original unplastered stone/slate. Both rooms have beautiful leaded windows which are almost completely in the original condition - not bad after over 500 years!!

In winter the inn is warmed by an old wood burning stove on which a pot with wine is sometimes to be seen.In Germany in the winter - particularly around Christmas time, a mulled wine (Glühwein) is often drunk.This is normally a red wine seasoned with a little sugar and cinnamon and is well suited to the cold weather. not everyone's "cup of tea" but well worth a try.

A fairly recent "happening" introduced by the owner is guitar evenings. These tend to be spontaneous and are always very informal. Sometimes an accomplished guitarist is invited to play, sometimes anyone there,friend or guest, who would like to try their hand at it can play and the rest can either just listen or sing along.The guitar evenings are anyrate always great fun.

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