Wisper Trout

If you are spending time in the Rhine Valley at a camping place or perhaps renting a cottage and are providing for your own meals that you must not deny yourself the delight of savouring the renowned Wisper Trout. The place to get your Wisper Trout is the fish farm "Forellenhöfe Seitz" situated in the picturesque Wisper valley.

The Wisper valley with castle ruins on the surrounding hills and an old mill, is worth a visit in its own right with many meadows bordering the river banks where one can enjoy a picnic.

The Wisper river is a tributary flowing into the mighty Rhine at Lorch.

I am going to indulge myself a little in telling you about what for me is one of the finest places in the area to go and purchase my evening meal.

If you, however, are not too interested in reading about a fish farm let me summarize for you the import of this page -"Go there, buy a trout smoked or fresh and enjoy a wonderful meal".

Fine, if you're here you wish to know more of this wonderful fish farm. The main products are trout (Forelle) and salmon-trout (Lachs-Forelle), which are available as fresh (ready to cook) or smoked.

The trout that are to become "smoked trout" are laid in a 10% brine for twelve hours . They are then skewered and placed in an oven fired with beech wood. The beech has been found to impart the best flavour to the trout - a strong and slightly sour taste. The oven temperature is around 70°, increasing to around 90° at the end to kill all bacteria. The trout remain in the smoke filled oven for another 2 hours and are then filleted and ready for consumption.

All of the fish are grown in the grounds of the fish farm and are sought after throughout the region.

The fine taste of the fish is due, at least in part, to the high quality of the water in the Wisper. The Wisper river is one of the cleanest in Germany where most of the rivers are clean and polluted anyrate.

This is a family business which commenced in the Wisper in 1995. From humble beginnings the business rapidly flourished. A neighbouring fish farm was bought in 2007 and the small family business was suddenly producing over 100,000 fish per annum.

The Wisper river (or perhaps brook is a better appellation) has its source in mineral rich ground and flowing towards the Wisper valley endures many a cascade which results in the water taking up much oxygen. Furthermore no agricultural or industrial estates border the river - the result of all this being that the trout and salmon trout flourish in mineral and oxygen rich, unpolluted water.

The ample forest growth along most of the river means that even in summer the river remains fresh and cool - another factor leading to the production of healthy, tasty fish.

Here the fish are grown slowly to maturity (point of sale)  - around two years. In many other fish farms this process is artificially sped up so that the fish areready for consumption after one year.

This slow growth and the fact that only around 20 to 30 fish occupy one cubic meter of water ( in some industrial fish farms it can be well over 200), leads to a firm , lean and above all tasty flesh.

A speciality of the fish farm is salmon trout - actually rainbow trout that have been fed on shrimps and are grown for a year longer. The flesh is reddish - almost the colour of normal salmon and the taste is a little stronger than normal trout.

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