Anja Mikuszies
The Artist and her work

Anja Mikuszies was born in Rüdesheim in 1968.

Anja has adopted the pseudonym Anmi as her artistic name, having also previously considered the pseudonym ANA - a synonym for a life long affliction.

Anmi started sketching and painting in her childhood. Her early works reflect her struggle to cope with her illness.

Her first attempt to break away from the restrictions imposed by her illness was a course of study with the renowned Chilean artist Ivan Olivares.

Wishing to further develop her art and still searching for own
métier Anmi continued her studies in 2009 with the well known Wiesbaden artist Julia Belot.

This constituted for her the breakthrough ,the escape from exiting subconscious chains that until then had inhibited her free expression.She was now free as an artist - she was her own person.

Anmi devotes herself mainly to the portrayal of people and their interaction with one another and the world around them.

She refuses to use any artificial aids (such as the projection of photos) when painting as she believes that without such aids she can more honestly portray the true character and feelings of her subjects .

If asked to relate her life's story Anmi simply replies :
" My true life began with and is free painting"

Anmi lives in the small village of Wollmerschied about 12 Km from Lorch.

The address is Anja Mikusis
Am Stein 5,
65391 Lorch.

Appointments for an Atelier visit can be made
per Telephone : 0049 6775 1763.

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