Lorch-Ransel Car Rally

Every year on the week-end following ascension day , the Rheingau plays host to an exciting car rally.

It is the longest and - as we who live here maintain - the most attractive mountain rally in Germany.

The rally is six kilometers long and runs from Lorch on the Rhine to the small town of Ransel, situated on a plateau above the Rhine.

The cars climb around 600 foot up the very windy road - 55 curves so the organizers claim!

I know the stretch well, travelling along it every day to work - but have never actually got round to counting the curves!

The rally gains continually in popularity - this year over 40 applicants had to be turned down as time constraints only allow 172 cars to participate.

Here is a U-Tube link showing the 2010 rally.
- a little long(ca.20 minutes) but you don't have to watch it all!

Link to 2010 Rally

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