Rhine Valley Castles

This is castle land ! There are few places in Europe where you will find so many and such a variety of castles as here. From Bingen in the South to Koblenz in the North there are around 24 castles directly on the Rhine (2 of them island castles on islands in the Rhine) and another 6-7 within 10 kilometers of the river.

Castles on the Rhine - what romantic visions are not thereby conjured up but these silent sentinels also speak of more warlike times when a trip up the Rhine was not the peaceful, pleasant experience it is to-day.

From the Marksburg (the only castle on the Rhine never damaged in hostilities) to decayed ruins where only parts of the outside walls remain intact - there is something for every taste.

If you only have time to visit one castle in the Rhine Valley let it be the Marksburg.

Some function as hotels were one can spend a few days or weeks depending on your finances - often quite expensive - some are privately owned with the owners in residence and yet others state owned. Below are links to some of the Rhine castles in the Rhine River Valley.(List of links is not complete but will be growing month by month).

Rheinfels Castle

Mice Tower

Ehrenfels Castle

Marksburg Castle


Sooneck Castle


Lahneck Castle

Schönburg Castle

Katz Castle

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