Dietmar Mikuszies
the Artist and his Work

Dietmar Mikuszies(Mikus) was born in 1951 near the town of Oldenburg in the north of Germany.

His interest in and desire to help his fellow men , led him to choose the career of occupational therapist and in his spare time to work on the development and design of campers (mobile homes) and bicycles for the disabled.

Although devoted to his career , the psychological stress that goes hand in hand with the profession led him to seek an outlet - escape if you will - from the pressures of the job.

This he found in developing and expanding his early interest in cycling into a small business which specialises in Velomobiles.

If you like me at first don't know what a Velomobile is , have a look at the photo!

He has since become one of the leading authorities in Germany on the Velomobile and has clocked up several thousand kilometers travelling around Europe (mainly France) testing and evaluating new models.

And so it might have remained had it not been for his wife (anmi) whose love for art awakened in him an interest that was to was to blossom into a passion.

Two years of study under the well known Wiesbaden artist Julia Belot enabled him to turn a dream into reality - a new artist was born.

Mikus confesses to being somewhat "eigenwillig" - stubborn or headstrong.

- You like my paintings or you don't.

- You like my bicycles or you don't.

Well, I'm not much of a cyclist but the paintings I definitely do like.

But you must decide for yourself - why not make a small excursion to the picturesque village of Wollmerschied about 12 kilometers from Lorch and take a look for yourself.

Dietmar Mikuuszies ,Am Stein 5 Lorch

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