Rüdesheim Music Museum

If you are at all interested in self-playing (mechanical) musical instruments- and even if you're not actually - you'll find a visit to the Rüdesheim Music Museum fascinating.

The museum is easily found, being a mere stone's throw away from Rüdesheim's famous Drosselgasse.

Here we take a trip back to the days when mechanical musical instruments were the rage.

The museum can only be viewed via a guided tour. The tour is highly interesting as not only does the guide give a history of the various instruments and explain how they function but they are brought to life and one can experience them playing as they used to and so be transported back in time.

My favourite is the violin playing machine - this contains several violins that are moved against fixed bows (as opposed to the normal method). If the musical quality falls short of a Yehudi Menuhin concert it is nevertheless pleasant and the experience fascinating.

The self playing piano, controlled by a punched role much like an elongated computer punch card!, is also intriguing.

The tour lasts about an hour and finishes in a small shop where one can buy souvenirs.
These range from postcards at around 50 cents to the mechanical singing birds - these can cost over € 2000 and so are beyond the reach of most of us - but if you can afford one what a wonderful memento of your visit to the Rüdesheim music museum.


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