The Weather.

Good News - The Rheingau (Rhine river valley) is the second warmest place in Germany.

Weather in Spring (March-May)

At last the iron grip of winter starts to loosen - the days start to become noticeably longer and the average day temperature increases from around 8 Centigrade (46 Fahrenheit) to around 16 Centigrade (61 Fahrenheit) towards the end of May.

This is a rough guide but we have had 25C/77F in April and 14C/54F in May!

April is quite variable - there is a saying in German " Der April macht was er will" - April does as it pleases.

May can be a little rainy.

Weather in Summer (June-August)

Now things start to warm up rapidly and from mid June right through to the end of August temperatures above the mid twenties (77 Fahrenheit) are normal with above 30 (86 Fahrenheit) being not uncommon.

While we are not spared the odd rainy day, pleasant blue skies predominate and most week-ends see a large part of the population enjoying a barbecue outside.

Weather in Autumn (Fall) ( September - November)

As September draws on the temperatures start to drop again although temperatures above 20 (68 Fahrenheit) until mid October are not infrequent. In fact October can be one of the most agreeable months of the year with many sunny days and little rain.

If we are unlucky the first snows may fall late in November - although this is usually confined to the higher regions - the tops of the hills surrounding the Rhine.

Weather in Winter (December - February)

Now things start cooling off dramatically and minus temperatures (below 32 Fahrenheit) are, from mid December, normal - although down in the Rhine Valley they seldom drop below -4 to -5 (below 23 Fahrenheit).

In the higher regions precipitation is now in the form of snow - which, as Christmas approaches , is generally welcomed.

By the end of January we have all had enough of snow and cold and February can be a bit of a grind.

Although I am not a great fan of winter - a hot summers day being more my thing - a winters walk through the forests when there is a blue sky above and thick hoar frost on the trees can be delightful.

Here is a link to the curent weather situation in Lorch which will be more or less true for the whole of the Rhine Valley. It is unfortunately in German but is pretty much self explanatory. Current Weather.

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